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Do You Know How to Eat an Oreo? Clapping Game

(hands pressed together and tapped back and forth against the other person’s, then clapped on top and the bottom, then left hands held, right hand snaps and hits thigh)

Do you know exactly how to eat an O-re-o?
Well to do it, you unscrew it very fast
’cause the kid’ll eat the middle
of an Oreo cookie
and save the chocolatey
outside for last!

Submitted by, Jodi from Westchester, NY

Another Version

We found this video of these lovely little girls singing and clapping for you. The clap pattern looks a lot like the McDonalds clapping game.

Do you know how to eat an Oreo
Take off the top
Turn it inside out
Chocolate sensation

Do you know exactly how to eat an O-re-o?
Yes I know exactly how to eat an O-re-o.
First you eat the outside,
Then you eat the middle
That’s how you eat an OOOOOOOO REEEEEEE OOOOO!

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