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A my name is Alice

Kids sit in a circle, Indian style, and start a clapping pattern. Both hands slap knees, cross to tap shoulders, clap together, shoulders, knees, shoulders, together, etc. The person who is “it” goes first. Speaking to the rhythm of the clapping of the group, start with the letter A and choose a girl’s name, boy’s name, place they come from and something they sell. When that person is finished, after their hands touch their knees, they arch the right hand, over to the left knee to clap their hands on top of that knee. The person sitting next to them at that knee is the next person to go. The group clap pattern never stops…

A my name is Alice and my husband’s name is Andy and we come from Alabama and we sell apples
B my name is Beth and my husband’s name is Brad and we come from Buffalo and we sell bananas
C my name is Connie and my husband’s name is Chris and we come from Chicago and we sell corn

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