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Apple On A Stick


Apple on a stick
Makes me sick
Makes my heart beat
Two forty six
Not because it’s dirty,
Not because it’s clean,
Not because I kissed a boy behind a magazine
Boy’s girls having fun
Here comes Johnny with a pickle up his bum,
He can wiggle he can wobble
He can even do the splits
But I bet you 10 dollars
He can’t do this,
Close your eyes and count to ten,
If you muck it up you’re a big fat hen:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10……………..

if you succeed or your friend succeeds you say

You didn’t muck it up so you’re my best friend……..

if they did or you did you say

You mucked it up so you’re a big fat hen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another Version

Apples on a stick
Make me sick
Makes my tummy go
Two Forty-six
Not because its dirty
Not because its clean
Not because I kissed my mommy
Behind the magazines.
Girls, girls
Do you want to fight?
Here comes Dickey
With her pants on tight
She can wiggle
She can woggle
She can do all that
I bet you ten dollars
You can do this
Count to ten with your eyes closed
A-baby one
A-baby two
A-baby three, four, five
Baby, I don’t take no jive.
A-baby six
A-baby seven
A-baby eight, nine, ten
You better back it up and do it again.

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