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Had a Little Race Car 1969

racecarHad a little race car 1969
Took it around the coooooo-rner!

(continue saying ooo while the jumper in the middle runs out, runs around, and tries to get back into the rope while it is still swinging.)

And slammed on the brakes,
But the brakes didn’t work!
Bumped into a lady, Bumped into a man.
Bumped into a the police, Man oh man!
Police man caught me, Put me in jail.
All I had was ginger ale.
How many bottles did I drink?
2, 4, 6, 8….

(At this point the spinners spin the rope really fast, and when the jumper trips is how many bottles.)

Reader submitted by,
Vikki from Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA


Another Version

Had a little sportscar 248 Took it round the coooooooooooorrrner (jumper hops out of the turning rope, runs around the corner & jumps back in) & slammed it on the brakes (jump rope turners stop turning)
Bumped into a lady, bumped into a man
Bumped into a policeman, man oh man
Policeman caught me
Put me in jail
All I had was ginger ale
Red, hot, chili pepper (rope turners turn faster & faster until jumper misses a jump)

I had a little sports car,
A two-forty-eight,
I drove around the cor-ner
and slammed on the brakes.
When the policeman caught me
He put me on his knee,
And asked me a question:
Will you marry me?
Yes, No, Maybe So, Certainly…

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